We educate new generation of journalists & media makers

A comprehensive training program for journalism & communication studies students and young professionals to develop 3 key skills: search and exploration of multimedia data, telling stories with multimedia data, tracking & debunking misinformation.

MediaNumeric is developing an advanced training program for Higher Education Institutions specialising in journalism and communication studies, aimed at journalism students and students in communication (3rd-year BA and MA). Based on aggregated expertise, MediaNumeric provides a comprehensive perspective on the most urgent topics in the context of using large multimedia databases for (data-driven) journalism and non-journalistic media production.

In conducting the needs analysis three areas were identified where a skills gap exists for graduating journalism and communication studies students that needs to be filled: (1) exploration of multimedia data, (2) storytelling with multimedia data, and (3) tracking and debunking misinformation. These form the basis of the modules offered in the training program.

The tailored training will be executed in the form of a short-cycle program (winter & summer schools) run in three locations in Europe (Warsaw, Hilversum, Paris) that are combined with a number of study visits to professional centres such as archives, newsrooms, etc. The on-site teaching program will be translated into online learning materials freely available for education and training.

Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation will be responsible for preparation of on-site teaching program (technical and organizational issues) and translation solutions developed by consortium into online course. Our experts will be involved in content preparation and will perform as trainers during winter/summer schools for students. The Foundation will be also responsible for the promotion and evaluation of the project.

A new generation of journalists & multimedia makers

Digitisation has changed all aspects of the news media landscape, from the way content is created, to how it is distributed and interacted with. European citizens and journalists are now connected to the largest intelligence network that has ever existed. On one hand, this rich data provides an opportunity for data-driven journalism to explore new stories and to explore large (historical) datasets. On the other hand, the advent of these technological developments generates new challenges for journalists and citizens, such as the easy, prolific spread of inaccurate and misleading information. These issues have quaver the foundations of the journalist profession.

Conceived from this scenario, MediaNumeric aims to educate a new generation of journalists and multimedia makers and gives them the tools to help create a European media ecosystem, that is user-driven, fair and balanced, economically sustainable and technologically advanced. The project will provide students and young professionals in media and communication studies the theoretical know-how and skills needed to embolden them to take on the opportunities of data-driven journalism and media production.


Project Partners

Sound and Vision (NL), Inholland University of Applied Sciences (NL), Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation (PL), SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (PL), AFP Agence France Presse (FR), INA Institut national de l’audiovisuel (FR), Storytek (EE), EUscreen Foundation (NL)



Rachel Somers Milers, info@medianumeric.eu

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