Creative Commons

Our vision

As Centrum Cyfrowe we believe that the internet can be a common good, and that culture, science and education should be available to everyone. That is why we are a part of Creative Commons (CC) – a movement that has been supporting free culture, working for copyright reform and promoting universal access to research and education for a second decade now. Creative Commons helps people to legally share knowledge and creativity in order to build a more equitable, accessible and innovative world. We unlock the full potential of the internet to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity. Thanks to a network of affiliates around the world, CC tools are standardized and globally recognizable.

Creative Commons tools

Creative Commons Polska is one of the oldest and most active CC affiliates, which are now present in over 80 different countries. We translate and develop Creative Commons tools, create educational materials and promote legal access to cultural goods. We care about increasing awareness of the influence of copyrights on culture and the society. We actively take part in the discussion around copyright reform both in Poland and in other parts of Europe.

Creative Commons carries out its mission by creating usable legal tools for both creators and users.
Creative Commons Licenses can replace the traditional “All rights reserved” model with a “Some rights reserved” rule, while respecting copyright regulations. Creative Commons licenses offer a diverse set of licensing conditions that include both freedoms and restrictions. This allows artists to define the conditions on which they share their work with others.
The CC0 mechanism is a tool for creators who want to give others the fullest possible freedom to distribute, modify and reuse their work. By applying CC0 to their work, they waive any copyright and related rights to the fullest extent allowed by local law. The CC0 mark on a creative work means that it was contributed to the public domain.

Public Domain Mark – it’s a simple graphic symbol that signifies a lack of copyright restrictions for a given creative work. It’s different from other Creative Commons tools in that it is not a license. A public domain work can be marked as such by anyone (not just the creator) who is knowledgeable about its copyright status.


All our projects are created in the spirit of openness and sharing. As part of our Open Culture Studio we cooperate with cultural institutions who want to share their resources using Creative Commons licenses. Together with the Coalition for Open Education we have created public policy that supports the openness of educational resources in Poland. Our Open Education Cooperative supports teachers in using open educational resources. For many years we have been training representatives of cultural institutions, academia, the third sector and creative industries in the basics of copyrights and using Creative Commons licenses.

Key projects