Kuba Piwowar

Head of SpołTech


Kuba Piwowar is a sociologist and cultural scientist who holds a PhD in the humanities. He specializes in the socio-cultural aspects of new technologies, data activism, and research methods. He is also a Humanity in Action senior fellow, where he worked on a project focused on data literacy and data activism. In 2022, he published a book titled "Excluding Technologies. Measurement, Data, Algorithms," in which he examines the sources of bias in new technologies and proposes solutions to overcome them. Additionally, he serves as an assistant professor at the Department of Culture and Media at SWPS University in Warsaw and is a member of the Polish Sociological Association. Kuba holds an MA diploma in sociology, completed postgraduate Gender Studies at IBL PAN, studied art history at Collegium Civitas, and pursued Marketing Academy at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Between 2008 and 2024, he worked at Google, initially as an analyst and later as an advisor to key business partners. During this time, he collaborated with the company's business partners in Poland and the USA on various topics, including performance marketing, cloud computing, machine learning, and innovation management.