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About the project

EduCoop is focus on supporting open education at a Polish school. We want to restore the spirit of cooperation among teachers so that they can rediscover the value and pleasure of co-creation, learning through experience, exchange of knowledge and mutual support. Teaching should be an adventure where amazing people meet, boldly measures reality, thinks creatively and innovative.

grupa ludzi
Educoop, II edition


The aim of the EduCoop is to build and improve a cooperation model in creating high quality open educational resources (OER). We create a network of teachers who value mutual help, cooperation with students, other schools, and specialists from various fields. We also want to improve the competences of project participants in the use of digital tools in education and increase knowledge about copyright, Creative Commons and free licenses. We hope that thanks to participation in the project and joint work on materials, they will become oer ambassadors.

We also start activities under the project “EduCoop in the library”. In January 2020, the first edition of the online course will start, to which we invite you now. More information soon.

Our team

zdjęcie Aleksandry Czetwertyńskiej
Aleksandra Czetwertyńska

zdjęcie Katarzyny Werner
Katarzyna Werner-Mozolewska

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