What we do

Centrum Cyfrowe is a Polish foundation, founded in October 2015 after spinning off from the Projekt: Polska Foundation, where we were based since 2010.

Our mission is to make the world more inclusive, cooperative and open by changing the way people learn, participate in culture, use the internet and exercise their rights as web users.

We have four strategic goals of our operations:

  1. Competent users. We support building (improving) competencies related to cooperation and openness.
  2. Open institutions. We help institutions be more open in the realisation of their social mission.
  3. Good regulations. We advocate for adjustment of regulations, using legal tools to support users’ rights and needs related to open circulation of content on the internet.
  4. Social dimension of technology. We diagnose social and cultural changes in society influenced by digital technology. We introduce civic perspective and focus on openness and commons  to public debate around technology.