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Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt:Polska works towards social change and enhancing citizens’ participation through the use of digital technologies and open, cooperative models based on sharing knowledge and other resources.

What do we do? Our work and projects fall into three main categories:

Open Government: we work towards increasing the transparency of public institutions. We try to convince them – both on the central and local level to be more open towards their citizens by allowing them to access public data and letting them supervise the lawmaking process.

Open NGO: along with other NGOs we work to implement open models into the third sector and cultural institutions. We promote a culture of sharing creativity and knowledge based on the Creative Commons licences to establish a new open standard for organizations.

Open Culture: we are interested in the ways that the technological development has influenced society and the new culture that arises in the new, digital environment. We diagnose, interpret and share the knowledge. This category also includes promoting new technologies among creators through medialab workshops and projects that aim to reduce digital exclusion.

Open Science: we are actively involved in promoting different forms of openness at the level of higher education and academic institutions. We run campaign about Open Access, publish a range of educational material, including videos, leaflets, guidebooks, infographics and training materials on openness for scientific and higher education institutions. We are regularly conducting practical workshops and trainings for scientists, librarians and students on openness. We have developed the Library of Open Science which encourage scientists to share their book publications.

The basis for all of our work and projects is the idea of openness which means the availability of resources and promoting models of cooperation based on them.

You can read in more detail about our policy work in the field of open education and open public resources and our research projects. We also run a current news section in English.


We are an institutional partner of Creative Commons Poland, founding member of the Communia Association, founding member of the Polish Coalition for Open Education and member of the Copyright for Creativity coalition.

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