2023 will bring some changes

At the end of the year, Magdalena Biernat will cease to be the co-director of FCC. Magda has been co-leading the organisation, implementing the processes that are now a core of the FCC’s daily work. She will stay in close contact with the organisation as a member of the Foundation Council


Magdalena Biernat and Aleksandra Janus have been co-Directors of Centrum Cyfrowe for two years. At the end of 2022, however, our institution is changing. After six years in the FCC’s team Magdalena has decided to change her workplace, and Aleksandra will become a Director of the Foundation.

We are also planning further democratisation of the decision-making & leadership. Aleksandra Czetwertyńska will join Aleksandra Janus and Maja Drabczyk at the Board. She is a longtime team member and leads the Open Education team. Hence, the Board will include representatives of FCC’s all areas of activity: open culture, open education and policy. Since the beginning of December, they have been supported by Bernadeta Sondej, who started working with the organisation as the Chief Operating Officer.

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Magda Biernat started working at Centrum Cyfrowe as a managing director and she introduced many changes in the way the organisation operates. First, together with Alek Tarkowski, and then in the expanding Board, Magda was the leader of such processes as the implementation and annual updates of a transparent wage policy of Centrum Cyfrowe, as well as the introduction of the Principles of Good Cooperation.

When Magda and Aleksandra took over as co-directors in 2021, they introduced a structured way of giving feedback, including feedback from the team to the Board.

Magda always believed that all members of FCC’s should represent the organisation in their field of expertise and she took great care for the professional development of all team members. Together with Aleksandra and Maja, they supported ideas coming from them. FCC as one of the first organisations in Poland, introduced menstrual leave as a female employees request.

Working with Magda was a source of constant inspiration for the entire team. No one could motivate us to act as she did and enjoy our successes. We wish her all the luck in new position in the United Nations and we are happy that she will support FCC as a member of the Foundation Council chaired by Alek Tarkowski.