The 6th

September 15-16
Online – ZOOM

Open Education Policy Forum is coming back on September 15-16 for the sixth time (and online, too). This year we will be looking at the “Universe of Openness” that has been expanding since the beginning of remote education.

Open Education Policy Forum is an international conference organised by Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation in cooperation with Communia Association, Hewlett Foundation, Intellectual Property Institute, OEGlobal and Otwarte Zasoby.

It is a space created to bring together stakeholders (activists, researchers, teachers, policy makers) from around the world to exchange good practices and discuss challenges and opportunities faced by the Open Education community. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for networking, exchange of knowledge and future collaborations.


“The Universe of Openness” – about the upcoming edition of the Forum
The global pandemic has radically changed the way we learn. Due to the restrictions, almost 90% of all countries worldwide started offering online learning. Open Education became a real game-changer during this time. That is why we would like to dedicate this year’s Forum to the discussion about the different aspects of Open Education that helped teachers, educators, parents and students during the unexpected and difficult time of remote education as well as the challenges that we face in global climate crisis and its relation to Open Education.

With so many various projects in progress and people involved in the Open Education community, we want to ask the following questions:

Join the Open Education Policy Forum and take part in the discussion about the incredible Universe of Openness in education!


Here you can find an application form for your submissions:

Submissions to Workshops will be revised by our experts who will decide on the qualification to the Forum.

All Workshops will run simultaneously, so you can participate only in one of them. At the end of the Workshops each group will present the results of their work on the Forum.

The Forum is a digital-only conference and participation in all events will be available via Zoom app.

The conference will be held in English.

All events are free of charge.

If you have a question, please contact
Anahita Rezaei: 


September 15

The premiere of a brand new pan-European study „Remote education during the pandemic: lessons learned from the teachers’ perspective.

Time CEST: 4PM

Lightning Talks – presentation of the most inspiring Open Education initiatives from all over the world in the time of the pandemic.

Time CEST: 5PM

September 16

Workshops for policy makers and Open Education activists.

We want to talk about the future of Open Education in small groups under15 participants, where every person can be heard and bring their unique perspective and experience. Our goal is to create realistic and achievable guidelines for the OE community in three areas:

  1. Designing the future of Open Education policy based on know-how and good practices
  2. New concepts & perspectives for the study on copyright for education
  3. Open Education for Green & Climate Education

Time CEST: 4PM

September 15
Report premiere

The conference will open with the premiere of a brand new pan-European study „Remote education during the pandemic: lessons learned from the teachers’ perspective”.
This is the first study carried out simultaneously in 7 countries: Poland, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Italy. We have gathered almost 2,000 answers in response to questions about the materials, tools, methods, and problems encountered by teachers during the time of remote education imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19.

We will present data on the number of teachers who used OERs during the time of remote education, the main source of resources they used while teaching online, the number of teachers who created their own materials, the type of copyright-related problems  teachers encountered, the extent to which remote education depended on private platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams etc. We hope these key results of the study will bring new evidence and perspectives to our policy work.


Magdalena Biernat - Head of Centrum Cyfrowe


Teresa Nobre - Vice-President of Communia Association


Dr Maja Bogataj - Head of Intellectual Property Institute



September 15
Lightning Talks

Presentation of the most inspiring Open Education initiatives from the time of the pandemic


Kamil Śliwowski


Otwarte Zasoby - Host of Lightning Talks Session.

Dr Sybil Thomas


Use of OER in designing educational courses aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.

Leo Havemann

United Kingdom

How to create policy for real world and real time OER policy?

Dr Catherine Cronin


Changing circumstances and policy. How consultations and diversity can help with development institutional policies.

Kristen Morgan


Pay-to-play online homework systems: how a novel policy was created at UBC Okanagan.

Zherluck Shaen Rodriguez


Climate Change Education in action by Department of Education in Philippines.

Adina Manea


Making sexual education accessible, available and impactful by using OER.

Werner Westermann


Strategies for offline educational resources: how to assure equity in access to learning opportunities in low-tech/non-connected communities.

September 16
Workshops for policy
makers and Open
Education activists

1. Designing the future of Open Education policy based on know-how and good practices
Workshop Leaders: Paul Stacey & Anna Kuliberda
NOTE: No place available

Who is this Workshop for

Policymakers with a vast knowledge of complex problems and matters in Open Education are highly welcome to participate in this brainstorming session.

What is the main goal

We came to the conclusion that the policymakers’ world has also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Workshop, we want to focus on the global experience of remote life and how crises can inspire changes. We will address the importance of Open Education in such situations around the globe. Our goal is to define a plan for future policy work to take into action after the Forum in the upcoming year. The plan needs to be realistic and achievable. Participants of this workshop will be involved in pushing forward the conceptual work outlined in this class.

2.  New concepts & perspectives for the study on copyright for education
Workshop Leaders: Prof. Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson & Kamil Śliwowski

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Who is this Workshop for

This Workshop is aimed at activists, researchers, teachers, librarians, NGO employees as well as people with vast experience in carrying out studies in past years. First and foremost, if you are interested in studying and feel the importance of conducting research, this workshop is for you! Feel free to join us!

What is the main goal

During the Forum we will present our brand new pan-European study “Remote education during the pandemic: teachers perspective” which was run simultaneously in seven EU countries. We asked teachers about the materials, tools, methods, obstacles, and problems that they encountered during remote education to see how OE can respond to their needs.

In this Workshop, we will discuss why research is crucial for further development of Open Education and present the best practices in studying recipients’ needs. Based on the experience of creating a new research methodology, we want to ask stakeholders from different countries and with various experiences how to adapt it to the needs of recipients in different parts of the world. We believe that data obtained in the research process can form the basis for more effective advocacy activities and changes in national education policies.

3. Green & Climate Education in Open Education
Workshop Leaders: Florencia Librizzi & Aleksandra Czetwertyńska

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Who is this Workshop for

Advocates and activists of Green & Climate Education, as well as people interested in introducing and using Open Education in practice. This session is perfect for those who have already made an effort to introduce changes in Green Education and who want to find inspiration as well as talk about the issues they face to spread the knowledge and pursue valuable initiatives.

What is the main goal

We are aware that Green & Climate Education should become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Often, however, they are not easy to introduce into educational institutions. Therefore, we need to pursue new paths and connections, inspirations and good practices offered by Open Education. The Workshop will be focused on the opportunities of how the philosophy of open knowledge, data, Open Educational methods and OERs can support actions related to climate education. We also want to analyse educational policies and the implementation of the sustainable development goals at systemic level.
Our goal is to strengthen the community of Green & Climate Education and create an incubation space for sharing and creating your ideas.

Time CEST: 4PM


When all Workshops are finished, we will all meet together to share the various approaches applied in the groups, ideas and plans for the future. Workshop leaders will have up to 5 minutes to summarise the results of their workshops. This summary will also serve as an opportunity for joining other groups in action or sharing ideas and making connections between each other.

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Anahita Rezaei – Forum coordinator