Copyright for remote education – European study

New European study about copyright for remote education

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Communia Association together with Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation has launched the European study about the materials, tools, methods, obstacles, and problems encountered by teachers (from first to twelfth grade – K12) during the time of remote education imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19. We are doing this research simultaneously in 8 countries: Poland, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, UK, Czech Republic, Germany, and Italy.

This study will help us advocate for better Copyright law for education (on the European level and within international organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization) that need to be broad and flexible to support modern education, both formal and informal, on-site and online and should not create legal uncertainty and unnecessary burden.

Communia association is a European organisation that advocates for policies that increase access to and reuse of culture and knowledge. We have done several studies and prepared several policy recommendations for the Copyright for education for instance:

  • Best Case Scenarios for Copyright for education (during the debate around the copyright reform in the EU)
  • social campaign for better Copyright laws for education
  • guidelines for EU member states for the implementation of Article 5 of the DSM Directive, which introduces a mandatory exception and limitation to copyright for education.

If you are a teacher from one of the following countries – Poland, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, UK, Czech Republic, Germany, or Italy, please take part in our study! Links to the translated questionnaires: