"OER Policy Works!" – OER workshop, next week in Warsaw

Centrum Cyfrowe is thrilled to announce that next week we are hosting an international workshop on OER policy. The event will bring open education activists, experts and policymakers from nine countries in Europe and Central Asia here to Warsaw to exchange experiences, discuss best practices and make shared plans. Participants will come from the Czech Republic, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania and Turkey.
The program will include an overview of important developments in OER policy with examples from the countries present, and a day-long intensive advocacy course led by Nicole Allen, Director of Open Education at SPARC.
It is an important time to convene this workshop, since The European Commission’s „Opening Up Education” initiative creates an unprecedented opportunity for OER growth in Europe. There is also ongoing advocacy work in multiple countries in Europe and Central Asia . We rarely have the opportunity to connect our work, and that is what we hope the workshop can accomplish.
We are particularly excited share our experiences in Poland – both the grassroots work of the Coalition of Open Education (of which we are a member) and Poland’s governmental projects, especially the open e-textbooks project. We also look forward to hearing more about the important OER developments in other countries, including Macedonia, Germany or Romania.
The workshop will take place on 18-19 March and is organised by Centrum Cyfrowe in cooperation with Creative Commons and SPARC, with the support of Open Society Foundations. It is also part of Open Education Week.
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