Don't Squirrel Away Your Research – our contribution to OAWeek 2014

  Centrum Cyfrowe is one of the organizers of Open Access Week 2014 events in Poland (full list here, in Polish).

We are contributing to the global OA Week by publishing a series of four promotional OA graphics. These were designed as part of last year’s OA campaign targeted at students (and supported by a grant from EIFL). We wanted to avoid the typical language of OA activism: targetted at researchers and research administrators, and thus very precise and serious. Instead, we wanted to promote the OA model in a way that is engaging and even fun for young people, who are also part of the academic system – and important stakeholders in OA activities. To achieve this, we worked with the Polish branch of Loesje, an international collective that designs socially engaged posters. Here are the results of our work:

OA poster_squirrel OA poster_book OA poster_curie OA poster_secure_digital

You can download a full package of designs, including pre-formatted bookmarks and posters ready for printing, as a ZIP file (4 MB) here.

The poster campaign was supported by a short animation about OA (starring, among others, Marie Curie-Skłodowska and Nicolaus Copernicus, which you can watch below.

In Poland, we organized, in cooperation with the Coalition of Open Education a workshop for future trainers of OA for students, researchers and librarians. A Participants had the opportunity to imrpove their knowledge about all aspects of openness, discuss strategies for promoting Open Access and openness, and devise together scenarios and materials for OA trainings. WIth our help, they will go on to organize workshop at their home institutions. This is the beginning of a project supported by FOSTER Open Science.



Thanks to our cooperation with the Foundation for Polish Science, we also conducted practical OA workshop (with a focus on legal aspects, use of CC licenses, but also content production and distribution models, and institutional policies) for Polish scientists. The workshop was part of the Foundation’s Skills project.


workshop in Polish Science Foundation