Reuse of Public Sector Information Act  –  One Year After Coming into Effect

Making public data available (including heritage resources) is only the first step to fully exploit their social potential. The second step is to create a simple and effective mechanism of public sector information reuse conditioning the process of benefitting from public data. Uncomplicated practice in this field is indispensable to both public subjects and citizens — especially in the context of creating innovative products and information services. In the report covering the market related aspects of the use of public sector information, Graham Vickery states that the economic value of public sector information directly results from the fact that in the economy based on information, knowledge is always the source of competitive advantage.

Together with ePaństwo Foundation we decided to take a closer look at how the Polish Act on reuse of public sector information functions in practice, how it is useful to applicants and how it is applied by public subjects. We submitted requests regarding public information access to the selected institutions obliged to apply the Act in Poland. Each of the selected units was asked to respond to several questions regarding the implementation of the Reuse Act. We presented our research in the report Reuse of Public Sector Information Act — One Year After Coming into Effect”.